Drone Flight Computer

Drone Flight Computer

An open source, RTOS based and ARM powered autopilot for drones

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This is the first version of a flight computer, or autopilot, for drones. It has all that is needed to make your own drone like:

  • LPC1769 Cortex M3 @ 120 Mhz microprocessor wtih 512KB of flash and 64 KB of RAM
  • Two side PCB board with mounting holes (almost) compatible with DJI Flamewheel frame
  • 4 interfaces for arms: this is a ESC output and a multipourpouse input output connector with servo pinout that serves as output or input in digital, analog, or Timer capture mode for measuring frequencies and periods (ideal for tachometers)
  • 2 other arm interface without connector for 2 extra motors
  • Two power options: USB for developing and testing and an external input (the blue one) for direct battery input. Up to 40V can be input, then there is a step-down high effiecncy switching regulator that regulates to 3.3v needed for all the board. There is no need for BEC (the +5V pin of the arms is unconnected cause it always cause problems and the DJI OPTO 30A that I'm using doesn't have a BEC anyway.
  • The USB port can be programmed for any USB device application
  • microSD card slot via SPI
  • Indicators: 1 led power indicator, 1 small green led for status or anything else and 4 high power side-leds for beacon and directional ligths (maybe white leds would be nice)
  • Sensors: The is a I2C network on the board with: MPU6050 Accelerometer and gyroscope with data fusion integrated, HMC5883 magnetometer (slave to the MPU but could be bypassed), BMP085 Barometer (can be used as an altimeter), LM60 temperature sensor, 128KB EEPROM for configuration saving,
  • Xbee Radio: is it possible to fit an Xbee standard on PRO
  • Programming: could be made via JTAG or with the built in serial bootloader via Radio (slower but very useful)
  • SPI, I2C and UART headers for external devices, sensors, etc.
  • Real time clock with calendar (implemented by the LPC1769 but there is an external crystal for clocking)

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